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Are you SICK & TIRED of struggling with...

  • Diets that are impossible to stick with, especially if you have kids
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your clothes
  • The "I′ll work out tomorrow" trap
  • Feeling embarrassed with how you look without clothes on
  • Your busy schedule keeping you from being fit and feeling good
  • Feeling discouraged because no one is there to motivate you
  • Intimidating and unfriendly gyms
  • Workouts that never give you results
Dear Friend, Have you ever had that "aha" moment when you realize that you are unhappy with your current situation, financially, emotionally, and/or physically, and decided, "If it is to be, it is up to me"?  I have.  After graduating with a degree in Exercise Physiology, it was my goal to change the lives of others through fitness. Over the next few years I built a successful training business and owned several nutrition stores. Then life snuck up on me and knocked me down. A series of personal and business failures took all of the confidence and belief I had in myself and sucked it right out. The next several years were spent battling a plethora of unhealthy lifestyle habits. I hit rock bottom and had nothing left but my dreams. I realize now that during that time I lived my life in fear--fear of trying or doing just about anything and everything. The fear became so strong that I became content with just being unhappy with myself. I let my dreams take a back seat to my fear and my lack of faith. Then it happened. A successful fitness friend of mine introduced me to an unstoppable training program and convinced me to get back in the game. It was at that moment, with my dreams and my son in mind, I made the decision to take control of my life once again. I was going to start with the thing I had the most control over, my mind and my body. See, I knew that if I could achieve the body that I wanted, I could achieve anything. Using this fitness formula, I have not only achieved my personal best physical fitness but I have also developed a level of confidence and belief in myself that is beyond measure. It is true, if you can change your mind and your body, you can change your life. I have been in the fitness industry for 12 years now and have seen and/or tried a wide variety of training modalities. What we do in my Fitness Fusion program is by far the most effective and efficient training for melting fat and toning muscles! This incredible fitness formula has done wonders for me and I would love to share it with you. Let's travel together on the journey called fitness. We will work each day to become better than the last-with progress not perfection as the measure. You'll be amazed at how a commitment to fitness improves all aspects life. I can personally attest to that. My name is Torre Fitz, and I am dedicated to your success!
At FFLA's Metabolic Conditioning Program you can...
  • Burn fat 9X faster than traditional programs and tone every area of your body
  • Get healthier than you've been in years
  • Feel sexier than you've felt in years
  • Gain self-confidence so you can hold your head high when you walk into a room or walk along the lake in a slinky bathing suit
  • Set a good example for your children by getting your body in the best health and shape of your life!
A lot of people who come to me are worried about the years they have left and the health (or lack of it) they're in because they've let their weight become uncontrollable. Many parents with children also feel bad about the example they're setting by being overweight and not teaching good nutrition to their kids. FFLA addresses all that and more!
Take a closer look The FFLA Metabolic Conditioning program...
  • Scientifically-designed workouts proven to elevate metabolism for over 36 hours for some serious fat burn!
  • A variety of exercises for every fitness level, including alternates for common limitations.
  • A continuous list of done-for-you meal plans with delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes. Yummy!
  • Free grocery store tour to show you what to buy, how to save money, and how to plan your meals with ease...
  • Nutrition advice, personal development and behavior change mentoring help you maintain your results for life.
  • Strong social support from members and fitness instructors in a friendly, family-life atmosphere so you know you're not alone!
″Since starting the Fitness Fusion program with Torre my results have been amazing! I've lost almost 20 lbs of fat, decreased my body fat by 8%. I've dropped from a size 14/16 to a 8. I'm the smallest I can remember being. More importantly than size, I feel fantastic! I'm healthy and I feel much more comfortable in my own skin. This program is wonderful and I recommend it to anyone looking to burn fat and feel your best!″   Megan, 29
″Torre's program and genuine dedication to my fitness success, is changing my life. A few short weeks ago, on my first day in Torre's group, we did warm up jumping jacks. I could barely get off the ground! It was awful, as I realized how far I had let myself go. Older, overweight, stressed, how could I possibly, physically and emotionally, change so much to get fit again? Torre's program is the solution. Every class is high energy, multiple stations, intense targeted movements focusing on specific muscle groups and the variety keeps the work motivating. If I can do this for 45 minutes, anyone can! Most importantly, it is Torre himself that makes this program unique and successful for his people. He is very knowledgeable of the body and how it works. He gives movement and nutritional guidance. Torre interacts with you in class to both correct your posture to avoid injury and motivate. And there is fun and humor. I have lost 20 lbs. I feel so much better and now have hope in reaching my goals. Torre is the real deal, "genuine" in his dedication to improve your body, health and mind. Thank You Torre!″   Silvija, 55
″Torre's metabolic conditioning program is amazing! I had been working out with one-on-one personal trainers for years and did not get near the results that Torre's Fitness Fusion program has produced in only a few short weeks. I've lost 4 inches from my hips and thighs, my body fat percentage has gone down 3%, and all my pants are fitting much loser. Thanks to Torre, I feel tremendous and have way more energy. He is sweet and encouraging while still being tough. There are very few things I get out of bed for at 7am, but I do Fitness Fusion LA with no complaints three times a week. As someone who has tried everything-aerobics, yoga, spinning, personal training, you name it-this is truly one of the most fun yet challenging exercise programs I've ever done. Once you start you won't want to stop!″   Sarah, 30
″When looking for a trainer to help us reach or fitness goals for our wedding, Torre really impressed us with his energy, attitude, and expertise in physical fitness. We're beyond satisfied with the results we were able to achieve by the time our big day arrived. Together we lost over 30 lbs of fat, and decreased our body fat by 15%, AMAZING! We have since continued to train with Torre because he actually makes working out enjoyable.Thanks Torre!″   Ariel & Susan
″As a marathon runner, yogi, and all-around health nut, I have spent years gathering knowledge about weight loss and nutrition. After working with Torre for a few months, I have learned more about my own body, nutrition, and fat loss than I have ever learned in such a short period of time. But even more important than attaining the knowledge, I have actually been able to apply that knowledge and see results! I am stronger and more aware of my body than I have ever been, and I can see my body changing rapidly. My running and yoga practice have improved significantly, even though I am doing less of those activities. I also have a peace of mind around food that I have rarely experienced and have been able to maintain a nutritional balance, even throughout the time of year when I struggle most--summer! Torre is deeply invested in each of his clients. I have seen him consistently go above and beyond to provide us with the physical, mental, and emotional support to achieve our goals. He is understanding and safe, but he also pushes me beyond what I thought was physically possible on a regular basis. Torre has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, anatomy, and fitness that never ceases to amaze me. He is relentless in his commitment to make sure each client's individual needs are getting met by accommodating injuries and varying levels of strength and ability. He is one of the most genuine, caring, and inspiring people I have had the privilege to know. The team always has fun during our workouts. I would recommend Torre to anyone looking to take their fitness not only to the next level, but to whatever level they can imagine, and beyond!″   Jenni K
″Torre Fitz changed my life! After herniating two discs in my back earlier this year I was told by my doctor that my only two options were surgery, or learning to manage my daily pain. When I came to Torre it hurt to sit, sleep, drive, and bend over, let alone play sports or be active. I thought my life was over at 30. Yet Torre told me it wasn't time to give up yet. He called my doctor, did a full assessment of my body, and set about making me stronger and in a safe, effective way. Instead of focusing on just exercise, he also taught me the importance of mental preparedness and a good diet, empowering me to make better, healthier decisions outside of the gym. Now, I can happily say that not only am I virtually pain-free, but am in the best shape of my life. I have never looked or felt better, and the results are inspiring my friends and co-workers to make positive changes in their lives as well. When they ask my how I did it, I tell them Torre Fitz... and that deciding to work with him is honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made.″   Erin D
Look, I know you may be skeptical about trusting another personal trainer. There are too many wannabe trainer/fitness instructors out there who are doing it for all the wrong reasons. That's what makes my program so different than anything else you'll find.   At FFLA's Metabolic Conditioning Program I use my 12 years of experience and training to give you a high-powered workout (that you CAN handle) that will have you burning more fat faster than you will in any traditional weight loss program. You'll also be a part of a community of members who are reaching for the same goal as you, so you're never alone! That's one of the coolest parts of the program.   FFLA gives you a 45-minute workout geared toward helping you achieve rapid fat loss with scientifically designed training protocols that have been PROVEN to help you burn fat faster and in greater amounts than other conventional programs. In fact, the research says you'll burn 7-9 times more fat using our training protocols!   In case all that is not enough to convince you to give FFLA a try, here is something I bet you won't hear from other fitness trainers...I struggle with my weight just like you! A lot of trainers are just naturally fit, but most "regular" people have to work to get a firm and sexy body. My fitness level doesn't happen by accident. I fight the same battle you do every day to keep my weight at a healthy level and my body toned and strong. When I'm programming for you, I'm programming for me, too. We're in this together!  
Whatever body part bothers you most, you'll benefit from having a whole body workout that my Metabolic Conditioning Program provides. You'll incinerate fat while toning your body and getting stronger!  
But my program is more than that...
  I personally guarantee you will LOOK GREAT, FEEL GREAT AND BE GREAT because I provide you with an efficient and effective program that is safe and fun.  
I'm going to set you up with all the tools you need to succeed.
  Besides coming to my FFLA workout, you're going to have complete access to my FREE audio & video downloads you can take your workouts with you anywhere you go!   Weight loss is more than just cutting calories and doing endless repetitions on gym equipment. Only a total body, 360- degree approach will give you optimal fitness and weight loss that will last you a lifetime.   FFLA will guarantee you achieve your goal!   Think you don't have enough time to workout? Guess again.   FFLA has multiple class times and locations and 45-minute workouts that fit even the busiest person's life.  
FFLA's Metabolic Conditioning Program Schedule
  • 6:00 am Mon, Wed, Fri at Legacy Gym
  • 7:00 am Mon, Wed, Fri at Legacy Gym
  • 8:45 am Tues, Thurs at Legacy Gym
  • 6.00 pm Mon, Tues, Thurs at Legacy Gym
Pick a time out of our list of daily sessions that is right for you. In no time at all you'll look forward to coming to your training session because you'll feel energized, meet friendly people and have loads of fun!  
I know you've probably tried other programs in the past that left you feeling frustrated. Not all programs are run the same way, and some just aren't worth your time or money!   I want you to know that what you're getting from FFLA is real value that will give you real results! That's why I'm prepared to give you this special offer!   FOR A LIMITED TIME:  
Join Fitness Fusion Los Angeles for a full 2 WEEKS absolutely FREE!
  You'll receive the same program and participate in the same workouts as the rest of our raving fans. Participate for a full 2 weeks of continuous training-no strings attached. If you don't begin to feel your body changing, have more energy and begin to burn fat, simply quit. It won't cost you a dime. No pressure, no hard feelings. Fair enough?   The FFLA program works! I've seen it work for so many people, I know it will work for you, too!       FFLA shakes things up and make things fun! You'll never be bored with a FFLA workout. We're continually providing cutting-edge workouts, education and support.  
Isn't it time for you to shake things up?
  • Lose that extra weight, increase your self-confidence, be healthier than ever!
  • Feel sexy in your new skinny jeans or little black dress! Guys, you can rock a tight t-shirt.
  • Enjoy the feeling of knowing you not only feel great, but you look fabulous!
  • Set a good example for your children and teach them good health and nutrition while you burn fat!
A lot of people who come to me are worried about the years they have left and the health (or lack of it) they're in because they've let their weight become uncontrollable. Many parents with children also feel bad about the example they're setting by being overweight and not teaching good nutrition to their kids.   FFLA addresses all that and more!   Dedicated to your fitness achievement,   Torre Fitz, Owner-Fitness Fusion Los Angeles   B.S. Exercise Physiology, CSCS Master Body Architect
You can do this
  All you have to do is let me prove it to you over the next 14 days by calling 424-204-2883 right now to register for your FREE two week trial!   P.S. Don't let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Do something about it.   An interesting point: 30 days from now you'll either be a month older and possibly a few pounds heavier, or, you can be a 5-10 pounds lighter and 30 days closer to your fitness goal. You decide which one you would rather be. Be sure you make the right decision and call 424-204 2883 or email and start your FREE two week trial now!
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